Owned and run by self-confessed dog lover, Jo Macaskie, A Doggy Day Out was born from her pure love of dogs, and wanting to put together the ultimate in doggy day out events for hounds and humans alike. With a little help from her pedigree pal, Max, of course…

Our background…
After a paws for thought back in early 2017, while running her vintage and lifestyle events business, Miss Ivy Events, Jo had a light bulb moment. Organising dedicated doggy-based events felt like it could be a natural addition to the business, appealing to anyone who considers their dog family, and not just a pet.

But it was no coincidence. Jo’s life had recently become healthier and happier with the introduction of Max, a frisky 3-month old Collie/Lurcher rescue dog from Gables Farm rehoming centre in Plymouth.

By establishing a brand new business, Jo, inspired as a dog owner, turned a doggy bag of ideas into reality and developed a whole new venture. Now, she has a heart-warming, canine-loving company, devoted to days out for dog people, and run by dog people who just…get it.

 But there’s more to bark about!
Realising how hard it can be to meet and work with other businesses, Jo set up the Business Bark. The South West’s only dog-friendly business networking group for any traders, sellers, and dog-related businesses to connect, grow, and share best practice.

And there’s Paws For Tails. An exciting bi-annual magazine crammed with interesting stories, photos, information and tips. On sale at all A Doggy Day Out events, a percentage of all proceeds go to worthy animal charities and organisations.

That’s the story. For any further info, please get in touch and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!

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